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John "Totalbiscuit" Bain

Totalbiscuit, The Cynical Brit (a.k.a. John Bain, TB for short) is the owner and creator of the Youtube account "TotalHalibut" (a Terraria account of the same name), one of the United Kingdom's top commentators, and the main topic of this wiki.


Totalbiscuit's facial appearance depicts a man with "thinning" hair, stubble, a partial double-chin and a (frequently appearing) black classic tophat.


Totalbiscuit usually doesn't play with other people unless they were part of a playthrough series or some episodes of "WTF Is..." (mostly Hyper edition).

The YogscastEdit

The Yogscast (owners and co-creators of Youtube accounts "BlueXephos" and "yogscast2") is a well-known internet sensation (mostly due to YouTube) that has been playing with TotalBiscuit. They consist of only three people: Simon, Lewis, and Hannah (Hannah being a non-related topic)


They have been doing a playthrough on Magicka with Totalbiscuit. They can be told apart from their robes:

  • Totalbiscuit has a black robe that does not have a hood but instead a witch's hat (the camera follows him).
  • Lewis has a regular purple wizard's robe.
  • Simon has a tattered yellow (and is most noticeable due to the fact he constantly summons bees and rain)

It is unknown if they have cancelled the series or forgotten about it. They currently have 14 episodes and one special episode streamed on for the Yogscast's goat appeal during Christmas 2011; the first bit of this was uploaded to TB's youtube channel but the rest, though livestreamed, was deleted off of the Yogscast's twitch account and has not been uploaded to youtube by either the Yogscast or TB.

Trine 2Edit

TotalBiscuit has started a new series (unknown if in the shadow of Magicka) with Simon and Lewis of a game called "Trine 2". This was also for the Yogscast's Christmas goat appeal and was ended after 6 episodes. It is unlikley to continue.

Jesse CoxEdit

main article: Jesse Cox.


TotalBiscuit has been severely against SOPA/PIPA bills (Stop Online Piracy Act/PROTECT IP act, respectively) for some time now, restricting (both of) his YouTube pages to everything, but not past, his WTF is SOPA? video for 24 hours.

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