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John Bain


The Cynical Brit

YouTube Channel(s)

TotalHalibut [1], TotalBiscuit [2]




July 8, 1984 (age 31)



Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



Genna Bain (Wife)


YouTube Gaming Critic, Co-Optional Podcast co-host, Polaris member

John Bain, most widely known as TotalBiscuit The Cynical Brit, TB for short (born July 8, 1984) is the owner and creator of the YouTube channels TotalHalibut and TotalBiscuit, and considered one the United Kingdom's top gaming commentators, along with being the subject of this wiki.


John Bain is a British man in his early 30's. He has thinning dark hair, a mole under his lips, is frequently seen with facial hair/stubble, has a square jawline with a slight hanging chin, and a pointed nose that is in a slight 'hook' shape. He is slightly overweight.

Personality Edit

TotalBiscuit's most defining personality trait is how professional he is. Given this maturity, along with his expansive vocabulary, his videos and critiques become that much more credible and honest. Though he has a humorous side and is willing to make jokes, even immature ones, that side is less apparent in the presence of individuals like Jesse Cox, Dodger Leigh, and Simon Lane, which often requires him to be a voice of reason/mature figure, as compared to them. TB has shown a sadistic side as well, having enjoyed himself a little too much in his WTF Is... - Warhammer 40k : Space Marine ? video.


Although TB does not usually play with other people, there are a few exceptions, a few being if they were part of a series requiring multiplayer or some episodes of "WTF Is..." (particularly Hyper edition).

Jesse Cox (OMFGCata) Edit

Main article: Jesse Cox

Possibly the YouTuber most associated with TotalBiscuit, and vice versa, Jesse Cox is an American gamer who runs the gaming channel "OMFGCata" (now known simply as his name) who's bold, patriotic, and outward personality heavily contradicts TB's more professional, cunning, and insightful demeanor.

Terraria Edit

Main article: Terraria

He made his first appearance on TotalBiscuit's channel as a special guest in his "WTF Is... - Terraria ? (Hyper Edition)", and due to popular demand, became part of Terraria as a series. The series spans well over 70 videos, split into 3 "seasons", and dates back to mid-2011.

The Yogscast (BlueXephos)Edit

The Yogscast (owners and co-creators of YouTube channel "YOGSCAST Lewis and Simon", formerly known as "BlueXephos") is a popular British gaming commentary group that has been played with TotalBiscuit in the past. They consist of many individual channels, but were originally only two; "BlueXephos" and "yogscast2" (now known as "YOGSCAST Hannah") and at first were a group of three: Lewis Brindley, Simon Lane, and Hannah Rutherford. More recently have they not played with TotalBiscuit, but it is assumed they keep in touch occasionally.


Back in 2011, the Yogscast made their first appearance on TotalBiscuit's channel in their "co-op" series of the Magicka PC video game. The series was never finished, being put on indefinite hiatus after the 14th episode. It had one special episode streamed on Twitch for the Yogscast's goat appeal during Christmas 2011; the first bit of this was uploaded to TB's YouTube channel but the rest, though livestreamed, was removed from the Yogscast's Twitch account and has not been uploaded to YouTube by either the Yogscast or TB.

In-game, they had different wizard's robes (and most definitely different gameplay styles) that differentiated them from each other.

  • TotalBiscuit - A black robe with a witch's hat in placement of the regular hood. Notably the most productive of the group. The camera follows him.
  • Lewis - A standard purple robe. Fairly skillful but died on a frequent basis.
  • Simon - A tattered yellow robe. Renowned in the series for his constant summoning of bees and rain, as well as dying the most (usually by his own hand).

Trine 2Edit

TotalBiscuit started a series (unknown if in the shadow of Magicka) of the game Trine 2, which was was also for the Yogscast's Christmas goat appeal and was ended after 6 episodes, unfinished.

Trivia Edit

  • TotalBiscuit originally went by the moniker of SoulCake, but stopped using it as he felt that the name was overused.
  • He was diagnosed with colon cancer in it early stages back in August 2014, and underwent a "video depression" in the weeks leading to his inevitable surgery and chemotherapy. In December that year, his wife Genna had announced that the surgery was a success, and his videos quickly returned to their normal schedule.

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