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TotalHalibut [1]

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September 14, 2010

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WTF Is... - R.U.S.E.? [2]

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WTF Is...? (more recently has the question mark been omitted) is one of TotalBiscuit's most defining series. In this series, TotalBiscuit gives first impressions on a wide variety of video games across multiple platforms, especially PC games. The first game ever covered on the channel was R.U.S.E., while the first to use the iconic thumbnail was a video for the game Anomaly: Warzone Earth. The series as a whole has well over 250 episodes.

Variations Edit

There are several special variations of WTF Is...?, for multiple occasions.

Hyper WTF Is...? Edit

A Hyper WTF Is...? or WTF Is...? (Hyper Edition) is when TotalBiscuit does a video with a special guest or guests playing along with him (this is often the case), or when he covers a well-known game.

WTF Am I Doing? Edit

The WTF Am I Doing? edition of WTF Is...? is the term for when TotalBiscuit covers a game, mainly those of the Puzzle genre, and is often dumbfounded and/or infuriated by it; Left figuring out various puzzles or quizzes much longer than needed, getting stuck trying to find something that is usually in plain sight, or is often put in a seething rage due to the game's own difficulty.

WTFree Edit

As its name implies, a WTFree edition of WTF Is...? is the term used when TotalBiscuit just covers a game that costs no money to play.

WifeTF Edit

WifeTF referred to an edition that was used for one episode only, in which TotalBiscuit played alongside his wife, Genna.

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